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Made up of 4 layers, fused together to make one beautiful piece, our alphabet range is a real statement to have hanging on your door or wall. We have 5 sizes available however custom sizes and fused letters can be made to order via request.
Small – 150mm Tall
Medium- 200mm Tall
Large – 300mm Tall
Extra Large – 450mm Tall
Extra Extra Large – 550mm Tall
(Medium 200mm design is pictured).
See below for more information on product handling, material, hanging, production time and shipping.

Product Sizing


We make every effort to accurately describe the size of our range before you buy, so that you know exactly what you will receive in the mail. There is nothing worse than buying an item online and finding out on arrival, that its the wrong size!

We don’t want to waste your time and we want you to get exactly what you expect, every single time. Check out the below diagrams to help you purchase the size perfectly, and feel free to send us a message with any questions before you buy.

The height of the design is measured from top to bottom of the letter itself. This way we can ensure that multiple letters will line up perfectly when placed next to each other. The width is measured as shown on each diagram.

We have taken the time to measure this particular design and display its size below.

*All measurements are approximate. 10mm = 1cm

S 150mm

(Click to enlarge)

M 200mm

(Click to enlarge)

L 300mm

(Click to enlarge)

XL 450mm

(Click to enlarge)

XXL 550mm

(Click to enlarge)

Product surface finish


As each piece is individually cut using a high powered laser, the wood-burn look may differ from piece to piece. As the design gets larger, there will be less ‘burn’ as the cut lines are further apart. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

(Left – 200mm Layered A)                     (Right – 550mm Layered A)


Material – What is MDF?


MDF is a wood called MDF which in layman’s terms, can be defined as panel products made from wood that has been pulverised into tiny fibers, heated, mixed with glue, pressed to a consistent thickness, dried, and cut to size. This material is widely used today and can be found in furniture, cabinets, workshops, houses, etc, etc

We manufacture our Mandalas out of MDF because MDF does not have a grain and has a consistent colour and texture throughout. This makes it very reliable when it comes to cutting and engraving and ensures our products maintain a reliable high quality standard.

MDF can swell if it gets wet so our MDF products are intended for indoor use only.


Lead time and Shipping


As soon as you place your order, we will cut and ship your item within 7 working days of receiving payment (but usually quicker!). We ship your order Via Australia Post or Fastway and you can typically expect your order to arrive within 1 to 4 business days depending where you are located in Australia. All of our items are tracked and you will be provided tracking information via email as soon as it leaves our workshop.


Our Guarantee to you


At SJB Laser, we put a huge amount of effort into making sure our products are represented online as close to the real thing as possible. Our commitment to you is to make sure you really are happy with your purchase and in order to remove any doubt, we guarantee our service in the following ways:


  • Lost or broken in transit? We’ll ship another one!

We take full responsibility for the safe arrival of your order (we know couriers are rough at times) and if your delivery driver decides to ‘Frisbee’ your package over the fence, we’ll have another one on the way asap. We won’t start another customers order until yours is on its way to your address.


  • Late arrival? Full Refund!

In the event that we take longer than we promised to ship your order (you can expect your order to have left our workshop in 7 days from payment received) and you miss your event/function, we will refund you in full, shipping included. We track all of our orders and provide you with this information upon delivery so we advise you allow 10 full working days from making payment to having your order delivered to your door.


We respect your privacy 100%, so the information that you provide will remain strictly confidential. Nevertheless, a copy of your message might be stored in our records as a database entry for archival purposes.

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